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Before and after of a General Motors SS limited slip axel. This axel came from the Midwest and it shows. It was quite rusty. I tore it down media blasted, new seals, bearings, rotors, paint, aluminum diff cover with enlarged oil sump, rebuilt calipers, parking brake hardware, stainless steel brake lines, and a lot of love! This one is going into the LS1 powered Silverado. #ss #lsd #lsdaxel #ls1powered #silverado #chev #chevrolet #gm #generalmotors

Today worked out better than yesterday. My first run was complete crap. After a brief chat with myself I put down the fastest times on all the rest of the runs and walked away with a 1st place today. A 2nd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday maintains my points lead gap. A big thanks to @katie___l for the help and encouragement. It was an amazing weekend with sunshine and a great Oregon Rally group community!
#scca #sccarallycross #sccarallyx #rallyx #rallycross #rally

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