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Today I secured the SCCA Midwest Division Rally Cross Championship. I managed to put down the fastest time of the event as well! This is apparently a provisional medal and I am told that the hardware will be sent to me. I get to do this all over again in 3 weeks at the SCCA Rally Cross National Championship. I could not have done this with out my crew chief @katie___l ! Thanks to all those who have given me encouragement!
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Thank you all for all your well wishes!
When I arrived at the at the SCCA Midwest National Rally Cross Challenge (I-80 Speedway) in Greenwood NE, this morning and I found out very quickly that this clayish surface is very slick when it is wet…I almost got my truck stuck! I decided to run the Silverstone mud tires. It was a good choice! By the end of the day I managed to squeak out with just under a 6 second lead. As it dried out it got faster and faster! This surface is very grippy when it is dry. We ran 2 sessions of 3 short runs each (less than a minute). We will run 4 more runs tomorrow. One more day to go!
#scca #sccarallyx #sccanebraska #sccarallycross #rally #rallyx #rallycar #rallycross #builtbykito

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